Johan III named the Junior was the High Mayor of Grussenheim from 1735 to 1761.

Under the rule of Johan Jehl III, the new church of the village in baroque style has been built. In the testament of John Jehl III in 1760, at the opportunity of his death the secretary of the baronage of Grussenheim JOBIN has written : "All die jenigen Schriften und Documenten so der allhiesigen Gemeindt Grussenheim gehörig" die man sofort an den neuen Schultheissen Johan Georg STRAUEL übergab. Unter dem Aktenbestand befand sich auch :"Item ein Schriftilcher Accord der Kürchen und des Thurmz mit Mr Joseph Michaël SCHNOLLER sambt Ratification von Herr Ambtmann in Colmar vom 13 Feb 1749. Damit allein ist schon eindeutig nachweisbarr, dass Joseph Michaël Schnöller, der Titoler, der Erbauer der Grussenheim Kirche war"...

John III was married to Magdalen TRENDLER from HOUSEN near Colmar, daughter of Michaël Trendler. They married on 14 of june 1728. Seven of their children are recorded :

- Johan-Georges . He married Catharina STOFFEL daugther of Michaël Stoffel of WOLFGANTZEN, High Mayor of this town. Witnessing the wedding were : Joseph Schmitt of Elsenheim - Johan Jehl III High Mayor of Grussenheim and father of the spouse - Jacob Stoffel of Elsenheim and Andreas Stoffel of NEUF-BRISACH. The marriage has been held on 03-01-1745. He will continue the lineage of the lineage of the family at Grussenheim.

- Nicolas. He died as an infant on 11-07-1738

- Odilia. She was Godmother at different baptisms, particularly at the baptism of Hans FISCHERKELLER infant of Hans Fischerkeller of DONAUESCHINGEN, a stone carver who participated in the building of the church in company of Joseph Schnöller the Tirolian. She married Andreas SCHLOESSER in 1767.

- Anna Maria born 03-15-1754

- Stephan. He married Anna Maria STRAUEL on the 02-18-1760. She is born in 1737. They had three children recorded.

- Johannes born in 1732. He married Barbara SCHWEIN on July 9, 1753. She is born Jan 1, 1729. He moved to Ohnenheim. He He married in a first marriage Anna Maria JEHL of HEIDOLSHEIM and in a second marriage Barbara, daughter of Hans Schwein and Anna SEELIG of Grussenheim.

- Joseph born in 1743. He died on May 1, 1827 at the age of 84. He was unmarried Shoemaker.